As many fashion trends become saturated in time, some timeless styles not only last but also prove to be perfectly fusible with contemporary designs. Putting a twist on the beloved boho aesthetic, many haute couture designers have adopted the dark bohemian look and mixed it with the romantic gothic and gypsy style featuring ethnic prints and sheer black with excessive silver jewellry as seen on her, or the more modern minimalistic hippie style featuring tie-dyed prints combined with black leather apparels as seen on him. The progressiveness and urban retrograde is marked by the men’s leggings and leather fanny pack. With so many blendable elements, you can always reinvent your appearance.

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Greetings From Abroad


Bali is frequently dubbed “the Island of the Gods” and the sense of calmness which is so deeply rooted within Balinese heritage will take a firm hold on your soul as soon as you may ever witness the beauty of the island. Tropical degrees may call for the typical dowdy tourist attire, yet we are in absolutely no case willing to compromise our style standards. Besides, resort wear has become its own fashion niche. Striking a balance between beachy lounge wear and elegance, the more dressed up satin-look take on the Hawaii shirt for him is paired with some white bermudas, flanked by a wide legged jumpsuit in navy for her. Not all those who wander are lost, especially if you travel in style.

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Convocazione particolare is a concept brought to you in cooperation with GOLDPIT UNLIMITED & THE FABULOUS SHAKER BOYS, held at the A Bar InterContinental Amstel during the summer of 2016. Mark every third Friday of the month until September in your summer social diary, because the beautiful terrace of A BAR will await you for delightful cocktails, delicious finger food, live music and al fresco conversations.

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Tres Tres Chic


Fancy oneself descending the stone steps surrounding the French riviera, imbued with that contagious joie de vivre ambling down the boulevards. Our colour palette comprising beige, taupe and terra blend into the environs, featuring a palazzo pant for her of which the raffish yet ravishing snake skin print is subtly reprised by the matching pocket square for him. Elegance is good taste plus a dash of daring!

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Dennis Diem SS17 – MBFWA


Convoked by the sounds of roaring engines coming from backstage, the south-western desert scenery of Nevada adorned with Vegas-esque neon signs welcomes the audience to the reverie named “Sweet Rebel” by Dennis Diem. With the catwalk illuminated in mystical hues of electric blue, the models strut by in outrageous creations of a collection that appears to have been soaked-in-black leather, dipped-in-pastels and laced-with-romance. Wearing sky high heels, the models are flanked by shiny powerful motorcycles which cruise down the catwalk, adding an unmerciful amount of exhilaration to the spectacle.

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We Own The Sky


Having originated in the 60’s, the newfangled bohemian style is still shaped by the harmonious inner world of the free spirit, although forthwith evolved into the electro-folk, neo-boho look, a.k.a. ultimate summer festival uniform. Our ensembles encompass the traditional hippie characteristics merged with the boho ideology featuring a multi-layered draped shirt and ripped jeans for him, flanked by flared leggings with an ethnic print and bell sleeve tie-front top for her. The excessive amount of accessories complete the idiosyncratic feel. People will stare, so make it worth their while!

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Smooth Operator


Swept away by the soothing sax notes played from the treble clef, our svelte ensembles hint at the pivotal times when 70’s uptown fashion evolved into the early 80’s sophisticated jet-set guise. The sheer finesse of the elegant silhouettes feature a wide-legged palazzo pant with slinky wrap-front blouse for her, flanked by a slim fit shirt and effortless skinny trousers for him. All drenched in a vibrant fuse of jewel tones, fashion is a way of saying who you are without having to speak.

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Amsterdam Open Air 2016


Remembering the previous years we attended Amsterdam Open Air Festival, It seems to have become a subconscious tradition for us to arrive early to comfortably lay down and settle in the grass around the chill out zone while our friends trickle in one-by-one to join us. This area is usually located alongside the water, scattered with beanbags, cushions and hammocks while tranquilizing music serves its purpose to break the early afternoon and relax, preparing us for the exciting yet strenuous day ahead.

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Cherry Blossom Girl


With the pink blossom petals floating through the air, we find ourselves soaring within rebellious realms with our modern day, rockabilly inspired ensembles. The frilly pastel pink petticoat for her is sonorous with our surroundings, forming a delicate style clash with the cropped plaid slacks for him and neo rock n’ roll elements of this deliberate discordance. Fashion is art and you are the canvas.

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