Kupu Kupu Jimbaran


Located in the south of the island of Bali, the charming small fishing village Jimbaran is home to the famous fish market, luxury beach resorts and one of the most perfect white sand beaches of Bali. After all the fabulous shopping and clubbing in places like Seminyak, Kuta and Ubud, the calm atmosphere of Jimbaran is ideal for Show Me More…



Every now and then the exhilarating feeling of the island breeze tickling our sunkissed skin gives us a little cool sensation in the smoldering heat. Pool days spent in the midst of wondrous nature and architecture in post-modern colonial style with a hint of ethnic heritage call for according attire. The flirty, glamorous appeal of retro-inspired swimwear has an almost timeless allure as it is most functional and flattering on virtually any body. Show Me More…

Komaneka at Bisma


There are just not enough words to describe how beautiful Bali – the Island of the gods- really is, all those perfect postcard pictures just don’t do justice to the striking, magnificent views of crystal clear blue waters, tropical jungles and sublime sunsets.

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The Sun Will Shine


Being the true treasure trove of natural beauty that the island of Bali is, the unrivaled views of the dense jungle are enough to swerve you to just go with the flow, letting your senses guide you. Following this trail of curiosity, one can never know what the day may bring, thus versatile ensembles that pass as day to evening wear will suffice where ever we end up. The archetypal singlet and shorts are glammed up with a blazer and dress shoes for him, while a slinky cocktail dress with draped gather detail still retents its allure paired with some elegant sandals for her. Turquoise and teal are the key to this colorful expression of sophistication.

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Colour In My Life


Enjoying the breathtaking nature and rejuvenating transcendence of Bali, heightening your vacation experience with the comfort of a luxury resort is worth every penny. Soaking up UV rays lounging around our private pool villa, we take a casual approach to resort wear. Sporting classic styles with a hint of prep and boho chic pushed through a vignette of muted warm colours, our looks feature a vintage leaf printed button down shirt and caramel brown denim bermuda shorts for him, flanked by a maroon multi-way jumpsuit and wooden beaded necklaces for her. Not only is it proven that vacation time proposes many health benefits, travelling is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

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As many fashion trends become saturated in time, some timeless styles not only last but also prove to be perfectly fusible with contemporary designs. Putting a twist on the beloved boho aesthetic, many haute couture designers have adopted the dark bohemian look and mixed it with the romantic gothic and gypsy style featuring ethnic prints and sheer black with excessive silver jewellry as seen on her, or the more modern minimalistic hippie style featuring tie-dyed prints combined with black leather apparels as seen on him. The progressiveness and urban retrograde is marked by the men’s leggings and leather fanny pack. With so many blendable elements, you can always reinvent your appearance.

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Greetings From Abroad


Bali is frequently dubbed “the Island of the Gods” and the sense of calmness which is so deeply rooted within Balinese heritage will take a firm hold on your soul as soon as you may ever witness the beauty of the island. Tropical degrees may call for the typical dowdy tourist attire, yet we are in absolutely no case willing to compromise our style standards. Besides, resort wear has become its own fashion niche. Striking a balance between beachy lounge wear and elegance, the more dressed up satin-look take on the Hawaii shirt for him is paired with some white bermudas, flanked by a wide legged jumpsuit in navy for her. Not all those who wander are lost, especially if you travel in style.

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Convocazione particolare is a concept brought to you in cooperation with GOLDPIT UNLIMITED & THE FABULOUS SHAKER BOYS, held at the A Bar InterContinental Amstel during the summer of 2016. Mark every third Friday of the month until September in your summer social diary, because the beautiful terrace of A BAR will await you for delightful cocktails, delicious finger food, live music and al fresco conversations.

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