The Expo

Throughout the first year of intensemble, our vision and aesthetic has been continuously developing as we slowly worked towards concrete goals and most importantly; having a lot of fun while doing this together! Coming full circle with the artistic and creative direction we have been pursuing, the cherry on top of our 1 year blogging anniversary would definitely have to be our very own exhibition at VondelCS.

As a platform for art and modern media VondelCS hosts a different artist to showcase their work every couple of weeks, up until now featuring artists who express themselves through conventional art forms such as painting or photography. Wanting to expand this initiative as well as resonate with modern times, they came up with the idea to involve the undeniable influence of social media and digital technology by selecting intensemble for their very first Instagram exhibition.

For this exhibition we made a selection of our previous and forthcoming fashion shoots, shot by various photographers in the Netherlands, Spain and Indonesia. We were very excited to be invited by FunX radio for an interview live on air, to talk about intensemble and to promote the festive opening evening of the exhibition on April 6th. Consequently, the event was a great success, welcoming about 70 attendees to the gallery to gawk at the enlarged photos while sipping on excellently crafted cocktails provided by Cointreau. Consider the revelry and distinct poise of this evening to have set the tone for all of our future events!

We would like to thank everyone who came out to support us during this event!

The exhibition has been prolonged and will be on display for over a month until May 5th at VondelCS

Below you will find the photos taken during the opening evening:


Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble