Ajbilou | Rosdorff
“Overview – previous – NEXT”

Unfortunately, being a fashion lover also potentially means you support an industry which is one of the the greatest threats to the environment. It is proven that shopping sprees offer great psychological benefits, supported by studies that confirm our natural yearning to renew and upgrade our possessions. The fast- fashion industry has facilitated this need by developing the cheapest and fastest ways to produce clothing and while consumerism gets the best of us, most are unaware of the effect this has on our environment. Luckily, an increasing amount of designers are addressing this issue and are finding creative ways to make a positive contribution to the fashion industry. Driven by the urge to inspire awareness, young designer duo Yasmina Ajbilou and Lynn-Kate Rosdorff joined forces for their second collection at MBFWA titled: “Overview – previous – NEXT”

The concept of their label Ajbilou | Rosdorff follows a ‘zero-waste’ policy, creating clothing from recycled materials. Whereas most people tend to throw clothing away as soon as they have lost their worth to them, this collection proves that old rags and haberdashery goods can always be used to create something valuable and fashionable again.

Another modern social topic that is challenged by this collection is the influence of social media on society. If we would have to believe the image people maintain of themselves on social media, it seems like we are all leading picture perfect lives. Perfectly groomed and styled while having lunch with our equally stylish friends, wearing glamorous fashion brands while hopping from hotspot to hotspot. Leaving the truth buried deep beneath these layers of veneer.

Just like the fashion industry, these images are shared at an accelerated pace, because the more followers you have, the more you are expected to post. “Overview – Previous – NEXT” plays with this status quo, presenting us with 10 different looks displaying unusual materials and shapes, bringing out the beautiful in what is considered unconventional or less than perfect. Showing us what lies beneath and asking us to reevaluate what ‘perfect’ really means.

The designs are grotesque and daring, cleverly blending strong colors such as black, yellow and emerald green into an otherwise predominantly pastel color palette. This is beautifully done in the color schemes of the big fuzzy coats and choice of prints, complemented by sheer fabrics often in the form of a skirt or transparent trousers. The mix of materials worked very well, as patent and shiny fabrics were paired with soft ones and plastic and plush served as the perfect finishing touch to each outfit. Who would not kill for those peach patent over knees? Well done team Ajbilou & Rosdorff, you have made consideration for the environment look very edgy and stylish!

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble