Anbasja Blanken “ALA BLANKA”

Anbasja Blanken launched her collection of feminine and refined trousers named “ALA BLANKA” last year at MBFWA, and her tropical green décor paved the way for her elegant wide legged palazzo’s and frilly short tops, leaving us hungry for much more! For her second collection, the stage at the start of the catwalk has been transformed into what seems like a stark white construction of mezzanines and stairways. One after another, the models descend from these stairs with the soft layers and embellishments such as feathers softly flowing around them.

With a label that focuses on ‘luxury trousers for strong women’ Anbasja’s niche for this clothing piece is once again proven by the wide array of different designs, this time also playing with different silhouettes by layering knee-high flowing skirts and ultra wide-legged trousers over fitted ones. Furthermore, much more effort and design has been put into the construction of the tops, varying from heavily decorated lace to simple transparent tops and gorgeous bustiers featuring futuristic shapes that append from the body. Using a palette of mysterious black and soft pastels such as peach, cream, light pink and baby blue, Anbasja found inspiration in dance influences from “la danseuse de la Belle Epoque” which is brilliantly expressed by the choice of fabrics and appliques such as lace, feathers and embroideries. The combination of exquisitely crafted separate garments with Anbasja’s very feminine aesthetic creates an especially elegant and refined allure now that she is pushing the envelope further by focusing on the complete look of the outfits. One of the elements besides the innovative playfulness of the shapes is also the use of head decorations and large earrings by Majid Karrouch, balancing out the mood of the looks and adding that extra umph.

The greatest example of her executive progression and elevated creativity for us was the final look, a gorgeous bridal outfit consisting of a white lace top decorated with small feathers, paired with a white pantalon with a voluminous open-front overskirt. The impact of this piece is magical and will prompt fashion forward brides-to-be to abandon the traditional dress in favor of this bridal jumpsuit!

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