Anbasja Blanken “ALA BLANKA” SS17 – MBFWA

We were completely stoked when we were invited to the catwalk show of Anbasja Blanken’s newest ready-to-wear collection at Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam, this time presenting a collection of women’s trousers under the name “ALA BLANKA”. Laying eyes upon the pictures from Anbasja Blanken’s first catwalk show at Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam in January 2016, her fondness of trousers and the exceptional skill and vision with which she creates them is indubitable.

This concept is purely and perhaps completely for me. I think I’ve always had this female image in my head that inspired me to think “Oh, I’d like to be like that someday”, a woman who is strong, wearing anything she feels like and just struts through life. Clothing has a profound influence on your mood and it’s my mission to design something for women in which they will feel phenomenal. I want to make clothing that completely changes your way of thinking. I believe my clothes can really have an influence on that.Anbasja Blanken

The catwalk is transformed into what seems like a botanic garden from a faraway holiday destination with the placement of tropical plants and palm trees, and the beautiful vocals from singer-songwriter Marle Thompson complete this sultry daydream as the models tread through the charming scenery. The collection named ‘Paradisaea’ consists of trousers in a wide array of silhouettes, ranging from wide legged pallazzo pants, to flirty culottes and sexy tight fitting trousers. The ultimate eye-catchers to us were the extreme wide legged pallazzo pants which almost looked like skirts, flowing beautifully due to the multiple layers of smooth chiffon. In vivid colors such as bright red, teal and pink, the trousers are often decorated with delicate floral embroideries or glittery embellishments and the trademark high waist gives all of the designs an ultra chique look, elongating the feminine silhouettes even more. As the focus should remain on the trousers, all of them are paired with simple bandana tops or off the shoulder crop tops in cream and beige, adding to the tropical sultry feel with their cute, frilly ruffles. As the last model sashays away we are left with the soft chirping sounds of birds, and we are left with the unanimous opinion that Anbasja Blanken has definitely found her niche.


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