Galia Lahav “And God Created Woman”
FW18/19 – PFW Haute Couture

Known for her ravishing gowns and bridal dresses, the haute couture runway show of Galia Lahav was easily the one we were anticipating the most. A household name in bridal, Galia Lahav has made a name for herself with her extravagant and ultra-feminine designs featuring Italian ivory lace, illusion backs and cascading silk tulle skirts. Every season we are excited to watch her runway shows online, so one can image how enthralled we were to receive invites for her Fall-Winter 2018-2019 show at haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris titled “And God Created Woman”. Inviting the audience to experience the freedom, playfulness and womanly allure of their newest collection, the ladies behind the brand – Galia lahav and Sharon Sever- bring us to the French Riviera where the vibrant colors of the seaside served as inspiration for the stunning looks. Some of Sever’s own watercolor drawings were used to design the small and large scaled floral prints, following an aesthetic that follows abstract expressionism and Monet’s impressionism.

We are very much used to the very sexy and feminine style usually showcased by the fashion house, but this collection took a flirtier and more playful direction incorporating some surprising silhouettes. Among the figure hugging bombshell dresses, we saw a lot of shiny silk pants worn with long open front skirts, floaty wide chiffon creations and some frilly floral dresses worn with a simple white t-shirt to give it a very contemporary feel. Also the addition of some of the more vivid colors such as chartreuse, bright yellow, pink and vibrant purple really complimented the distinct nudes, blacks and pale pinks to make the palette feel much more fresh and free. Particularly in love with the pink sequined jumpsuit, we feel this would be perfect for any famous pop princess who wishes to wow the audience at an awards gala, whereas the short t-shirt dress with huge chiffon applique would make the trendsetting wearer completely stand out at any cocktail party.

Other lovely moments featuring layers of chiffon were the chartreuse dress paired with black pants and the finale dress which showed a nice black and grey color scheme, although the balance in proportions slightly felt off in both creations. Watching the sheer flowing gowns adorned with neck bows and flower accents tread down the runway was like falling into a sea of honey, you can’t make a women look more like a goddess than that! Our absolute favorite was the other dress that was worn with a white t-shirt, featuring a floral embroidered bodice with an asymmetrical full skirt in pink over shiny silk pants. To us it was the look which encompassed the playful, girly and modern spirit of the collection the most while also showing that Galia Lahav is always reinventing feminine silhouettes. As the slogan of this collection bolsters; “Because she’s brave enough to do what she wants when she wants….” Galia Lahav has again brought forth a beautiful expression of a women’s individuality, encouraging her to blossom into her true self.

Spot us sitting front row on the left, feeling completely in our element while admiring the fabulous creations that pass by.

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble