Liselore Frowijn “#TheNewCluster”

Missing the previous two occasions that Liselore Frowijn presented her collections at Amsterdam Fashion Week, we were more than delighted to receive tickets to her latest catwalk show during which she would show her pre-fall 2017 #TheNewCluster-collection. Liselore is reknowned for her use of vibrant colors and ethnic prints, as well as creating an integrated theatrical décor for all of her catwalk shows. South-African band Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness provided the reverberating beats that opened the show, while the illuminated stark white runway now appeared to be adorned by colorful obstructions in abstract shapes.

The models swiftly made their way through this landscape of urban hindrances, sporting minimalistic modern streetwear such as hoodies, parka’s and beanies in mostly white, with complementing details and accents using colorful VLISCO textiles. Halfway through the show the visuals and lighting transform into a more vibrant color palette, casting a purple hue over the runway as the white outfits progress into busy, abstract wax-printed fabrics abundantly dominating the garments passing by. A business trip for VLISCO to Nigeria in October 2016 inspired Liselore to create #TheNewCluster collection, fusing her view of the lively African culture with the hypothetical landscapes by Dutch artist Alfred Eikelenboom.

We see nonchalant pantsuits and wide dresses with generous ruffles and parka’s with hefty rollnecks, it is clear that Liselore’s aesthetic approaches embellishments with a boastful and bulky elegance. All of the 10 looks – 8 for women and 2 for men – were instantly launched straight after the show and available for sale on, demonstrating her see now, buy now fashion concept for this capsule collection. It is very likely Liselore will continue in this direction of immediate fashion.

In bringing the factory to the runway, my team and I have never felt more responsibility towards our customer. We have never felt so connected to the shifting needs and expectations of today’s consumer.Liselore Frowijn

Check out her website now to get your hands on the VLISCO textile pieces from this collection, or her Bold Converse X Turbo Toe-sneakers!

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble