Sean Suen “Escape Hide Fight”
SS19 – PFW Men’s

Originally a painter and graphic designer, Beijing based fashion designer Sean Suen transitioned into mastering the art of fashion with this collection as solid proof to our eyes. Launching his label in 2012, his SS19 show at Paris Men’s Fashion Week was our first introduction to Sean Suen’s aesthetic: Amusing, Dynamic and Chic. Pleasantly surprised, we arrived at the location of the fashion show to find out it was set in a small park with pebbled paths between willowing trees. Arriving a little bit too fashionably late, it took a while for us to find a seat on one of the benches aligned along the supposed runway path, as some of the ushers were unsure which route the models would be taking. All confusion aside, we were seated after all and something sure can be said for the fact that everybody had a front row seat as there was only one! Who wouldn’t enjoy a day at the park with a live lookbook passing by?

The sultry and somewhat dark music engaged at a volume level which still allowed for the grinding of the models’ footsteps on the pebbles to arise above it. As they approached we could still imagine the sounds of the wind through the trees as the branches swayed behind the silhouettes. What seemed to start out as delicate streetwear which borrows inspiration from colonial/survival attire, the collection followed a cohesive aesthetic that varied between very boyish looks, elevated sportswear and daring patent looks. There were a lot of pant suits with shorts at different lengths, matching polo shirts with Bermuda’s and oversized jackets and blazers with shorter ones. All types of fabrics seemed to pass the revue, with rounded big pockets sewn onto cotton, silk and shiny patent material. Some of the pieces even had exposed pockets, making those looks a little more edgy whereas others remained more casual.

We were a big fan of the sweatpants inspired bottoms, dipped in a glazy or satin hue and combined with chunky jackets or flimsy shirts to suit ones preference. Not all men would feel comfortable wearing styles that border on anything less than masculine, so the addition of accessories like the frilly little scarfs make a big difference. Those who are confident enough to pull it off would look like a modern dandy, whereas wearing the looks without them would scream hip hop royalty thanks to the broad shoulder lines. To refer to the title of the show, Sean Suen explains how one will sometimes run, hide or fight when faced with something. And as diverse as this collection was, we felt like we immediately recognized how this translated into fashion, and who Sean is as a designer. We definitely want to see more!

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble