This brilliant duo have only graduated from ArtEZ 2 years ago, however they have already suprised us with some very vibrant and playful collections together. Tung Trinh and Tim Becx already enjoyed working together during their academic years, so their professional collaboration as participating design team during the Global Denim Awards in October 2015 was only a natural progression, evolving into the creation and development of their label TRINHBECX. Combining their individual ideas, the duo share the same passion for experimental design, pushing the artistic boundaries and redefining traditional womens- and menswear using pure materials such as denim and leather.

Diverging from denim-only designs, we were super impressed with their 2016 collection ‘Drift’ in which patent (transparent) leather and the unconventional combination of pastel and primary colors reveled. As colors always play an essential role to their aesthetic, the catwalk of the transformatorhuis reveals a colorful diagonal pattern painted all over the walk way, what would they have in store for us now? The answer is diagonal stripes, lots of them! Covering the garments from head to toe, creating a very clean seventies inspired assembly of superbly constructed big silhouettes. Long bell sleeves as well as wide mid-arm bell sleeves and indisputable flared pants dominate the collection, creating the playful and original look TRINHBECX is known for. Besides the vintage feel most of the outfits radiate, among the mini skirts and boxy tops we also find some traditional pantsuits with a modern twist. Their choice of materials and stew of eccentric color pairings once again hits the mark, with perfectly matched belts and bags to finish it all off. This time their logo is not as prominent as before, with models now sporting multicolored studded leather bags instead of the oversized logo bags we have seen before. And with a style as distinctive as theirs, it would be redundant. TRINHBECX continues to push the envelope and amaze us!

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble