À tout à l’heure

With the silver frost adorning the groves, we seek refuge from the cold to enjoy lunch within the warm ambiance of a cozy tavern. Wrapped in layers of rich fibers, a key success factor in attaining ultimate winter wardrobe goals is to invest in timeless items of high quality. Up until the 1900’s women could still be arrested for wearing trousers, but since the critical controversy surrounding the introduction of the female pantsuit in the 30’s its popularity has come a long way. In this decade actress Marlene Dietrich was a true vanguard of this style, with style icons like Madonna rejuvenating the trend in the 80’s. The female pantsuit is here to stay, confirmed by this modern interpretation by designer Monique Collignon in an intense purple color. With a pop of vivid violet, the purple outfit worn by her is contrasted with army green, flanked by the earth tones worn by him. Classic designs that have stood the test of time can easily be combined with current trends, featuring skinny cargo style trousers paired with a collared sweater for him, tweaked with elegant accessories such as a knitted tie and shiny dress shoes. For men, matching the color of your socks with the color of your trousers has been the tradition, but nowadays opting for graphic printed socks is becoming a trend on the rise and a way to express individuality.

Her ensemble

Trenchcoat: Monique Collignon – 37 bottles // Blouse: Monique Collignon – 10 bottles // Blazer: Monique Collignon – 19 bottles // Trousers: Monique Collignon – 14 bottles // Gloves: Monique Collignon // Hat: Topshop // Bag: Aldo

His ensemble

Trenchcoat: Burberry // Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger // Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger // Tie: Tommy Hilfiger // Cargo Pants: ASOS // Watch: Timex // Shoes: REHAB // Socks: Happy Socks


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Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble