As Sure As The Sun

The tropical pink and green surroundings of Tropicana Ibiza Suites really wisk you away to another world, and as sure as the sun will shine in Ibiza in September, you will truly forget about the boring daily grind at home. How could one not use the vibrant environment and pleasant temperatures as the perfect opportunity to sport some equally vibrant candy pop colors while splashing around the pool.
Inspired by Miami’s art-deco hotels, the pool lounge area features bright pink sunbeds where you can relax and drift off while listening to the upbeat tunes from the dj.
Palm trees galore at this little secret haven of tranquility and liveliness in one, with her pool attire featuring a black swimsuit with neon palm trees to match the floaty multi-colored kimono. A pair of swimming shorts with a gradient color scheme in the same neon color palette for him will certainly suffice, not to forget a pair of flashy sunglasses.

His ensemble

Swim Shorts: River Island // Singlet: River Island

Her ensemble

Swim Suit: Boohoo // Kimono: Boohoo // Sunglasses: Polette


As Sure As The Sun – Malca

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