Better By Your Side

How long will the madness proceed? Social distancing, restrictions, and never ending lockdowns. Moreover, with a newly introduced curfew at 9PM in the Netherlands, we find ourselves with even less time to fit our daily lives into. Luckily, January and February are usually the least busy, and most dull months of the year for us. Thus, we got this! No matter how much worse it gets, it’s always a bit better by your side. Our every day city walks all dressed up are still going strong. Even in times like these, the world is your runway. Nothing exudes this mantra more than vivid colour and compelling textures. Velvet is a timeless, yet transient trend depending on the way it’s used. Her bright fuchsia sweater in velvet is paired with a similarly coloured pleated skirt, because a little ton-sur-ton never hurt anyone. The velvet turquoise bag by Gucci finishes the vibrant statement perfectly. His look combines a corduroy-inspired velvet sweater in golden brown, with dark grey snake-print trousers. An empty Dam square in Amsterdam is such a discouraging sight, but I’m always better by your side.

His ensemble

Trousers: Zara // Sweater: Asos // Shoes: Zara

Her ensemble

Sweater: Blanco Suite // Skirt: Zara // Bag: Gucci


Better By Your Side – Aeble, Tom Aspaul

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble