Charcoal Baby

There is something about dystopian urban landscapes, which can make one feel quite uncomfortable yet so inspired and galvanized at the same time. The early spring sun rays make the industrial shipyard of the NDSM neighborhood in North Amsterdam look a lot more welcoming, all though quite deceiving due to the cold wind blowing through the air. Catching a free ferry over to this industrial area, one will actually find that it has been transformed into a cultural hotspot, with ateliers of upcoming designers and creatives erected in the huge warehouses, trendy restaurants built into the hangars and works of art constructed among the lingering metal and concrete waste. In this environment anything goes, and classic refined looks in neutral colors form an interesting contrast. Emulating the utility trend, his ensemble features a dark green army sweater and matching pants with multiple buckle straps, leaving it up to the trench coat to be the true eye-catcher. Flanked by her ensemble, featuring a graphite faux fur coat, wide-leg leather pants and chunky lace-up boots. Her color palette? Charcoal baby.

His ensemble

Sweater: Zara // Utility Pants: Asos // Trenchcoat: Zara // Watch: Timex // Boots: Dr. Martens

Her ensemble

Faux Fur Coat: Vintage // Sweater: Uniqlo // Leather Pants: Zara // Bag: Yves Saint Laurent // Boots: H&M // Beanie: Uniqlo


Charcoal Baby – Blood Orange

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble