Concrete Waves

During those first two weeks of fall, the sun sends down its last faint beams to linger around the deciduous city trees and the temperature is still befitting to those who brave the light autumn breeze by layering lightweight materials. Cayenne, copper, burgundy and mahogany are all ingredients to these city- chic casual ensembles, all whirled through an autumn rainbow of saturated earth colors. Inhaling that soft loamy air rendered damp on the concrete streets, this effortless everyday style is perfect for a walk down town featuring a light knit cardigan nonchalantly layered over a singlet for him, flanked by a classic pallazzo pant and long-sleeved crop top for her. Before winter comes, enjoy the moderate weather and beautiful scenery with trees skirted by golden rust pools of foliage. It’s only a matter of weeks before the cold will pose the challenge to compromise the balance between style and practicality. Unless you are planning a sweet escape to a tropical destination!

His ensemble

Cardigan: River Island // Singlet: Topman // Pants: River Island // Sunglasses: River Island // Watch: Casio // Brogues: Van Lier

Her ensemble

Top: Zara // Pants: Forever 21 // Hat: Monki // Wedges: Blanco // Bag: Cosmo


Concrete Waves – Kendra Morris











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