Dream Machine

Somewhere over the green hills of Andalusia, the tranquility of the remote areas in the mountains can really take a hold of your consciousness, stimulating the internal dream machine. With views for days over spectacular stretched out lands of vegetation, inspiration is never far and you can really feel one with nature. The late spring sun casts a glow over the hillside herbage, a glow reflected by equally enchanting dark bohemian ensembles. Starting as a counterculture in the nineteenth century, bohemian fashion has become quite mainstream. However, it can still be elevated to the eccentric, edgy style as was first intended. First coined during the French Revolution, artists and performers living in poverty used old, foreign clothing to express themselves, dressing similar to Eastern European gypsies from a region formally known as Bohemia. As for the more edgy bohemian aesthetic, darker colors and the merging of different foreign styles staple the look. His Japanese origami style jumpsuit sets the tone, complemented by black leather wrist bracelets and ditto sandals. Flanked by her long black lace dress with cut-outs, heavily accessorized with an abundance of silver boho jewellery and a gorgeous white Brugmansia flower.

His ensemble

Jumpsuit: Zara // Sandals: Rome Market // Watch: Iguazu

Her ensemble

Dress: NA-KD // Jewellery: Various markets & vintage shops


Dream Machine – Mark Farina

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble