Feed Me Diamonds

The year 2018 has fallen upon us and how other than to start the new year in style with some old Hollywood glamour, with a playful ton-sur-ton purple and fuchsia color palette beautifully caught in a soft spotlight. The incandescent and luxurious quality of the composite color purple has clearly been recognized throughout history, used as the imperial color worn by emperors, Roman magistrates, bishops, aristocrats and Japanese monarchs. This legacy has caused purple to often still be associated with royalty, magic, mystery and piety. A combination with fuchsia gives it a more sultry and seductive savor, leaving it up to the lustrous silky materials and shiny sparkles to give it the festive feeling that is perfectly suited for New Year’s Eve.

Let style icons such as Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe serve as inspiration, these glamour queens are the epitome of red carpet style. A fur stole is essential to this look, but nowadays a little harder to come by. A thick faux fur scarf will sometimes have the same look if it’s fuzzy enough and has the right shape. Blended with some unexpected and contemporary elements, we always love to revolutionize current fashion customs, even when it comes to formal wear. Thus, the monochromatic effect of the purple blazer over a purple shirt for him is surprisingly combined with leather pants, finished with a fuchsia silk tie and pocket square. Flanked by her, wearing a fetching full length evening gown in sparkling purple, combined with a perfectly matching purple faux fur stole. People will say what they’ll say, but they sure can’t look away!

His ensemble

Blazer: Ben Sherman // Shirt: Hugo Boss // Tie: Hugo Boss // Pocket Square: Ben Sherman // Leather Pants: Zara // Shoes: REHAB // Watch : Casio

Her ensemble

Dress: H&M // Stole: Zara – Fur Scarf // Shoes: Zara


Feed Me Diamonds (RAC Remix) – MNDR

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble