Fleur Blanche

The undeniable charm and beauty of Paris can be soaked up endlessly in one of the oldest and most famous areas; the first arrondissement. Situated on the right bank of the Seine river, most of the neighborhood is taken up by the Louvre Museum and the Tuileries Gardens. A walk around this area starting from the Palais-Royal will leave you in awe of the gorgeous streets and old buildings, it’s truly like visual poetry. Treading through the inner courtyard named Cour d’Honneur, one can admire the once highly controversial art installation named “Colonnes de Buren”. Envisioned by French artist Daniel Buren in 1985, his creation which consists of multi-leveled marble columns aims to explore perception and space. Matching with the black and white stripes of the columns, our ensembles aim to breathe that same classic elegance and Parisian flair. His Glen plaid suit is paired with a nonchalant white t-shirt and sneakers, flanked by her black mermaid gown accessorized by cap toe pumps and a geometric clutch. Just add three letters to Paris, and you have Paradise.

His ensemble

Suit: Zara // T-shirt: Uniqlo // Shoes: Common Projects // Watch: Daniel Wellington

Her ensemble

Dress: V_LVET // Clutch: Zara // Shoes: Vintage


Fleur Blanche – Orsten

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble