Gold Teeth

The very first video that aired on MTV when it launched in 1981 was “video killed the radio star” by the Buggles. One would surely see the irony in that since television replaced radio as most popular mass medium in the 1950’s, playing such an integral role in modern life that most people can’t imagine being without it. As television and present-day media reflect and shape cultural values, the increasing number of screens around us is at times lauded and at times criticised. Modern technology allows news to travel faster than ever and any information we desire is just a click away, much to our convenience. However, the downside is that trends tend to fizzle in no time and the sensory overload actually restricts our ability to enjoy art, music, fashion and life to the fullest. Slow down… take your time… and switch the screens off now and then. There is a reason we focus on quality over quantity and limit the amount of our posts.

To enjoy art is to enjoy life, as architecture and interior design are art forms that tell a story. The modern and winding shapes of this lounge designed by Ron Arad represent the progressiveness and the mass media infused modern world that we live in today, featuring a circular sofa made of reflective glass fibre, foam and Alcantara in anthracite grey, with large LCD screens on the walls as the only windows to the world. The curved, continuous white wall serves as the perfect background to reflect our metallic ensembles, marrying classic silhouettes with shiny textures to create semi-futuristic looks that resonate with these surroundings. Take the famed biker jacket for him for instance, in a metallic silver that is complemented by a plain white t-shirt and origami style wrap trousers. Flanked by a draped cocktail dress for her in a metallic light pink, paired with clear perspex heels and a flashy clutch. The future is looking bright.

His ensemble

Biker Jacket: Urban Outfitters // T-shirt: American Apparel // Trousers: Zara // Sneakers: Converse

Her ensemble

Dress: River Island // Heels: Public Desire // Clutch: Zara


Gold Teeth – Redlight

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble