Help Me Lose My Mind

The purity and transcendence of an all-white interior becomes even more imposing when it is amassed with bold design, and architect Zaha Hadid certainly was ahead of her time when she created her works, well-known for their fluidity and hyper-modern aesthetic. Presenting you with this place of quasi-science fiction with its curved shapes and winding spaces, Zaha Hadid invites you to dream, feel inspired, imagine different worlds and escape the daily grind. Translating these fluid shapes into fashion, the minimalist look experiments with this dynamic. Over-accessorizing or adding too many items or appliques would detract from the style, so keeping it simple is key.
Minimalist fashion has developed modest forms of embellishment with panels, cut-outs, folds and draping. As we move around and play with the shapes of this futuristic environment, our all-white outfits are characterized by their simplicity and cleanliness while each ensemble is limited to one accent detail. Catching the luminance and absorbing every color was never as effortless while wearing a white T-shirt with fold and drape details in the front, paired with white skinny jeans as seen on him. Flanked by a modernized retro style buttoned playsuit with a cape and clear ankle boots for her. Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.

His ensemble

T-shirt: Unplugged Museum // Skinny Jeans: River Island // Shoes: Common Projects

Her ensemble

Playsuit: Selfie Leslie // Boots: Public Desire


Help Me Lose My Mind ft. London Grammar – Disclosure

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble