Insert Runaway

Tossing away any preconceptions you have about fashion, art and the space around you can’t be very challenging when you immerse yourself in a three-dimensional world of geometric shapes. This is exactly what the Argentinian Eva Castro and the German Holger Kehne aimed for when they founded their architectural design company named Plasma Studio. Whereas corridors and lobbies usually feature linear constructs of plain white walls, their creations involve walls pulled along their axis, radical geometry and a color gradient caused by a LED light seam. Dressed up for the gala of this elegant spaceship, the metallic surroundings absorb our purple hued ensembles beautifully. His plum blazer with slight iridescence is paired with a black turtleneck and shiny leather pants, flanked by her silk byzantium purple dress with matching fur stole. An excess amount of golden rings and necklaces give the look that extra umph. Eject the daily grind; insert runaway.

His ensemble

Blazer: Ben Sherman // Turtleneck: Uniqlo // Leather Pants: Zara // Watch: Casio // Pocket Square: Ben Sherman // Socks: Happy Socks // Shoes: Rehab

Her ensemble

Dress: Missguided // Stole: Laura Dols Vintage // Clutch: Laura Dols Vintage // Choker Necklace: Missguided // Heels: Zara


Insert Runaway – Kyan

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble