Jungle Affair

Credited as the color of life, growth, energy and freshness, we are surrounded by green in any natural environment where all required elements meet. Within the sea of green hues, many resemble tints of the 320,000 types of organisms of the kingdom plantae. Brighter or darker hues like teal and olive are derived elsewhere, with one of the most vivid being emerald green. First referred to by this name in 1598, the opulent jewel tone is named after the usual shade of the emerald gemstone.
Walking through the Hortus Botanicus Gardens in Leiden, one feels almost isolated from civilization enjoying the warmth of the green tangled vegetation inside, where a tropical ecosystem is always maintained. Blending in, our emerald green ensembles in shiny satin gleam like the gemstone itself. The jungle is nature in its full glory, and seeing it untamed and free sprouting green in every direction feels like a hymn for the human soul. Even in the dense shades cast by wavering branches and leafs, the sultry sun beaming through the glass ceiling causes an oppressing heat. Intensified by the distant throbbing, that we recognize as the beating of the loving green rainforest’s heart. Because this is a jungle affair after all.

His ensemble

Shirt: Zara // Leather Pants: Zara // Shoes: Hugo Boss // Watch: Paul Rich

Her ensemble

Dress: Zara // Earrings: River Island // Shoes: Zara


Jungle Affair – Mo’ Horizons

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