Love Dagger

Why would you only cautiously test the common boundaries a little when you can be a true rebel, completely unapologetic towards the social norm for what is deemed fashionable? Trend neutral styles are either boring or gaudy, but only the latter could ever be unique. Identifying herself as an eclectic designer, Sabine Staartjes takes inspiration from the 80’s, the urban scene and some high-class elements. Cooking them up into a cacophony of vibrant colors and lively prints, the flavor of her label Studio Sabine Staartjes is clearly defined.

Allthough the flashy palette and shiny metallics seem loud and garish, there is always an underlying note that marks the organized chaos which makes an eclectic outfit work. The unobtrusive harmony caused by repetition and coordination are what pull our ensembles together. The focal point being the denim jackets, a purple and electric blue color story is complemented by neon yellow accents. A reversible denim bomber jacket is matched with a metallic swimsuit and shiny shorts, repeating a triangular shape as seen on her. Flanked by him, wearing a long sleeveless denim vest combined with a lilac singlet and sweats featuring a purple metallic digitalized heart shape. Walking away past these feline themed walls, we can reveal that a gentle heart is always tied with an easy thread.

His ensemble

Denim Jacket: Studio Sabine Staartjes // Joggers: Studio Sabine Staartjes // Sunglasses: Barcelona Market // Shoes: Converse

Her ensemble

Bodysuit: Studio Sabine Staartjes // Bomber Jacket: Studio Sabine Staartjes // Shorts: Studio Sabine Staartjes // Wedges: Studio Sabine Staartjes // Sunglasses: Zara


Love Dagger – Rimer London ft. Cata.Pirata

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble