Don’t some clothes just feel super classic yet so fresh and modern at the same time? When there is just a certain je ne sais quoi about an item, whether it be a subtle detail or an ornate print, you can rediscover it over and over again after storing it away for a while and you will feel brand new again. Whereas a baroque print can quickly become a little too garish, there are many famous fashion designers who take up the challenge to work with them, leaving it up to the appearance and charm of the wearer to ultimately make or break it. As seen on him, the time-honored golden chainlink print is mixed with a contemporary chevron print to lift it to a whole new level of vintage cool. Finishing his ensemble, some extremely darted pants and shiny shoes do the trick, along with some retro frames by Polette. Another example of timeless elegance is the white frilly shirt worn by her, featuring a flirty black bow. Although the romantic vibes are surely leveled out with the Dr. Martens shoes and leather beret. Because the details are not the details, they make the design.

His ensemble

Shirt: Zara // Pants: Zara // Shoes: Zara // Glasses: Polette // Watch: Casio

Her ensemble

Shirt: Zara // Shorts: Zara // Beret: Topshop // Shoes: Dr. Martens // Watch: Michael Kors


Métropolitain – Emmanuel Santarromana

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble