Once you feel the last winter chills slowly dissolving into the crisp spring air, you’re excited to realize it might be the last time you brave the breezy nips with a stylish coat. Whether it be a cozy wool blend or a soft faux fur, a coat can simply serve its purpose or carry all the flair when you go for a dashing color or daring print. Hot pink and leopard prints have always been linked to a full throttle type of fashion forwardness, while the phrase “less is more” seems to be held dearly by most. Making absolutely no apologies, a true rebel would flamboyantly concur “too much is never enough”, always seeing ways to elevate a look even more. How? Think pink, think fuzzy faux mink and add some kink with some vinyl black leggings for her. It doesn’t stop there; the concoction of garish pieces is complemented by some chunky platform heels and a transparent pair of specs. Flanked by him, sporting an ornate leopard print coat with some fold-over drop crotch pants. Flamboyance is not only the outcome of your attire, it’s an integral part of your attitude.

His ensemble

Coat: Zara // Turtleneck: J.C.Rags // Boots: Dr. Martens // Gloves: River Island

Her ensemble

Coat: H&M // Turtleneck Dress: Zara // Vinyl Leggings: H&M // Boots: Forever 21 // Glasses: Polette – Lazio Clear


(parenthesis) – megiapa

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