Parfum Thérémine

Ethereal marble walls cascading along winding staircases contrive the pristine white surroundings that exude luxury and refinement the way satins and silks tell a love story that drips from the fabric like pearly opaline streams of romance. Anno 2017, peculiarity vogues with classic design. peculiarity in the sense that you don’t always want to style your look according to conventions. Be it a cocktail party, fashion show or stylish brunch, it’s ever so often boisterous to marry modernity with classic styles and add a little twist.

Hence the oversized silk shirt in mint combined with white skinny jeans and casual converse sneakers for him, flanked by the glamorous draped satin dress in royal blue for her by Saskia ter Welle Couture. In what seems like the age of the bodycon dress, it’s very refreshing to sometimes show you have the pizzazz to wear couture that flows and has movement. The shape it makes around your body all depends on poise and shows that finesse is often sexier than showing skin, and finesse is the essence of Saskia ter Welle’s creations.

His ensemble

Shirt: Zara // Pants: River Island // Shoes: Converse

Her ensemble

Dress: Saskia ter Welle // Shoes: Topshop


Parfum Thérémine – L’Impératrice

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble