Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

The start of the new year prompts many an optimist to eagerly jot down a lengthy list of new year’s resolutions. However good those intentions are, research has shown that already 80% of all these resolutions fall through by February. Will you stick to yours? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps… So honestly, why be so strict with yourself? Make your resolutions actually fun and this untrodden energy will help with all the other things that are more challenging. Vow to travel more, dance more, smile more and laugh more. We recognized we want to experience more theatre this year, more burlesque and more unique festivals. The best resolution of them all though is this: to be even more daring and outrageous with fashion. Well, these ensembles practically embody all of our resolutions in one. Suited up and hatted on top, these whimsical show-time looks catch the spotlight like a sweet and easy resolution attained gently, and well before before February.

His ensemble

Blazer: Van Gils // Shirt: Profuomo // Gilet: River Island // Bow-tie: Profuomo // Trousers: Zara // Tophat: Laura Dols // Shoes: Hugo Boss

Her ensemble

Bustier: Marlies Dekkers // Hip Thong: Marlies Dekkers // Blazer: Zara // Hat: Custom // Shoes: Zara


Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps – Lisa Bassenge, The J-Chestra

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble