Red Heat

It’s not just the right amount of conviction that can make a deliberate style clash work, it’s the carefully selected components that somehow alternatively share a corroborating element as well as simply having fun and experimenting with fashion. This style philosophy is perfect for those fancy cocktail parties or grand opening nights, usually challenging invitees to dress to impress with means to add to the festive atmosphere of the event. In order to stand out by creating a complete off-the-wall look, inspiration can be vigorously drawn from famous style icons, mixing references to their highly celebrated distinctive styles with unexpected contemporary items. Michael Jackson frequently sported sequins along with military style slacks with single stripes down the sides, trademarking his appearance throughout the heavily glitter and disco infused seventies yet remaining to inspire trends that resurface through modern times. It was also the 70’s which saw the emergence of the deep V cleavage for women, with tops and dresses with décolletage plunging as deep as down to the waist. Emulating a vivacious expression of glamour, this fiery red John Zack dress with deep V worn by her is paired with simple black strappy heels, flanked by the Michael Jackson-esque concoction worn by him. Centered on the sparkling black sequined biker jacket over a white shirt, his look is tied together by the red stripes and bowtie with black converse sneakers giving it a surprising modern touch.

His ensemble

Jacket: Zara // Shirt: McGregor // Pants: Zara // Bowtie: H&M // Shoes: Converse

Her ensemble

Dress: John Zack // Heels: Zara


Red Heat – Devin Jackson

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