Parallels can be drawn between the coolest little surfer towns all over the world. The chill vibe, the laid back mood of the locals, and often picturesque scenery along the coastal areas. Definitely the case for Essaouira, a hippie surf town in Morocco with a charming medina which is full of shops selling locally made linen clothing. Finding these lovely unisex outfits there, we wear the white linen garments in the equally beautiful surfer village Aljezur in Portugal. The light fabric flows softly in the autumn breeze, with the bohemian style fringes wavering along. Walking down the boardwalk, we know by now to always continue beyond the edge of the hills surrounding the beach. Every walk by the cliffs is an adventure full of serendipitous discoveries of the most gorgeous rock formations, stone beds and caves. Sky above, sand below, peace within.

His ensemble

Shirt: Eassouira Market // Shorts: Bershka

Her ensemble

Tunic Shirt: Essaouira Market


Serendipity – Tom Middleton

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble