Modern landscapes with buildings made of mirrored glass have quite a way of casting optical illusions. Especially when caught in photographs. This architectural expression of mirrored facades has become very popular for corporate offices. Many business areas in big cities boast a skyline of shiny high-rise buildings. The opacity of glass-skinned buildings bouncing sunlight and reflections feels just as ubiquitous as these fashion designs by Sepehr Maghsoudi couture. The Dutch designer with Iranian roots has never ceased to amaze us with his unique creations. Often fairly intricate and extravagant, he shows with these casual streetwear designs that he can take style into a demure form of flamboyance too. The sweater for her and extra-long jacket for him feature a splashy dying technique in bronze. Both custom made for us, we are particularly excited about how the jacket came out with letters spelling “INTENSEMBLE” across the chest and sleeves. Moreover, the unisex fit of both garments allows us to wear them both. Thank you Sepehr!

His ensemble

Jacket: Sepehr Couture // Pants: Clandestino Ibiza // Shoes: Zara

Her ensemble

Sweater: Sepehr Couture // Pants: S.DEER


SL001 – Bearcubs

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble