Square People

Easing into the last winter month like an ever-thirsty pansy yearning for spring, it’s almost making February feel like the longest month of the year rather than the shortest. The cold shivers might accustom one to stick to heavy knits and muted colors, but now that we are two quarters into the season it’s time to start changing things up. Longing for just a little more color without getting too conspicuous, washed out earth tones are a natural progression from wearing dark shades all the time, accommodating the mood completely. Moreover, even though the nonchalant and nifty bohemian-chic style is more typical for summer, it works perfectly for the milder winter days too. His ensemble is even giving a nod to modern western fashion, sporting a wide brim hat and studded belt to go with the stone-washed denim jeans and jacket with demure leopard print. Flanked by her beige and dark purple ensemble consisting of a short jersey dress under a faux-fur coat, suede lace-up boots and a matching hat. Even with freezing chills in the air, no need to be square.

His ensemble

Jacket: Zara // T-shirt: Uniqlo // Jeans: River Island // Belt: Zara // Hat: Zara // Boots: Aldo

Her ensemble

Dress: Anthropologie // Coat: Vintage (Episode) // Bag: Michael Kors // Tights: Topshop // Hat: Topshop // Boots: Public Desire // Watch: Iguazu


Square People – Weval

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble