The unrestrained evolution of streetwear continues, bringing forth a variety of nuances within the trend. It’s no longer just about colorful sweat suits, hoodies and sneakers, nowadays it goes beyond that. Recognized as a disruptive force in fashion to be reckoned with, streetwear can also be a fusion of luxury sports items with chic, tailored garments. One of the labels that has repeatedly been able to adapt to trends without losing their authenticity, is Adidas. Since 1949, the brand with the three stripes really knows how to churn out some very sleek looking sportswear. As shown here with her ensemble, combining some high-waist cycling shorts with an oversized blazer and tall sportsocks in pristine white sneakers. His ensemble on the other hand, conveys how tailored items can be used to create an effortless, sporty look. His asymmetrical waistcoat and origami style trousers are nonchalantly styled with some white sneakers. Streetwear is for those who don’t follow the path, they blaze the trail.

His ensemble

Waistcoat: H&M Studio // Trousers: Zara // Sneakers: Common Projects // Watch: Daniel Wellington // Bracelet: Werkstatt München

Her ensemble

Blazer: Zara // Top: Topshop // Shorts: Adidas // Socks: Adidas // Sneakers: Adidas


Street – Chinaski

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