The Greatest View

Adjacent to Greek Island Santorini’s capital Fira, you will find the charming village of Imerovigli tucked away among the hills, with its white houses built around the cliffs of the Caldera as if it were an amphitheater facing the sea. One would surely understand how Imerovigli ended up with the nickname “balcony to the Aegean Sea” while treading up and down the narrow, winding paths, while enjoying the stunning view of the volcano. Walking in the heat of the sun during daytime is quite a challenge when a swift cool breeze is extremely scarce. Climbing to the top of the summit beyond the rocky cliffs, the depths are deep but we are not even worried about it when we’re together. We are rewarded with an abiding wind that cools the Island’s swelter as it blows through our hair and the endless lengths of crimson silk. Dancing on the white Cycladic rooftops of this Aegean dream, the red silk creation worn by her is nothing less than a dress made for a fiery goddess that has fallen into the blue sky. The flowing soft material wraps around her torso like a glove, cascading from her waist like flames rising up into the air. Flanked by him, wearing an ensemble that marries a subtle sporty casualness to a simple sophistication. A white singlet tucked into pants which feature a white stripe down the side of the leg are combined with completely white sneakers, this is island style chic. Let’s wait until sunset falls upon the Caldera, while we enjoy the greatest view.

His ensemble

Singlet: American Apparel // Pants: Asos – NÖAK // Shoes: Common Projects // Watch: KANE // Sunglasses: Komono

Her ensemble

Dress: Custom Made // Sunglasses: Jutka & Riska


The Greatest View – Flume

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble