A new year has fallen upon us and our optimistic spirit is met with challenge right away. The fresh start full of hope for change has turned out to be just an extension of the lockdown we are so tired of. Comfortable athleisure wear has become our daily default outfit, as we are still mostly confined to our homes. An invigorating stroll around the city does wonders these days. If only to lift the mood a little as you finally have a reason to dress up and feel like your stylish self again. The phrase “all dolled up and nowhere to go” never rang so true before. Especially because we know all too well how to overdo it. The 3-piece tweed suit for him and the belted plaid suit for her, certainly turn the heads of the other, very sparse pedestrians. They must wonder, where could they possibly be going all dressed to the nines? The old fashioned accessories such as a pocket watch and cloche panama hat almost make us look like time travelers from another era. Quite befitting actually, as the public unrest in the air makes us feel like life has become a surreal drama movie. Try to keep dressing up, to help keep our hopes up!

His ensemble

3 Piece Suit: Suitsupply // Shirt: Profuomo // Tie: Hugo Boss // Shoes: REHAB

Her ensemble

Suit: Zara // Top: Asos // Hat: Asos // Shoes: Sascha


Unrest – Portico Quartet

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble