Urban Gardening

It takes a while, even long after the sparsely sunlit days set in, to accept that winter is gradually taking autumn over. Especially when the cold breeze hits you in the face as hard as it hit nature’s deciduous trees. Yet these changes at the turn of the season are beautiful in their own right. A brisk city walk through Basel in Switzerland brings us along the pathways of the meandering Rhine river. Where vertical gardens along the river banks boast concrete walls covered in ivy, in a vibrant green that’s reluctant to change to red.
Marveling at how winter regulates this urban gardening process, a thin faux fur or denim layers suffice for early December days. Her grey and brown fuzzy jacket is paired with ripped jeans and a leopard shirt, while his stone-washed denim ensemble is worn with a grey asymmetrical shirt with draped detail. Reaching an industrial area, we bump into Landestelle and other quirky bars and terraces with that funky, recycled vibe. Winter city walks never disappoint.

His ensemble

Jacket: Asos // T-shirt: Asos // Pants: River Island // Hat: River Island // Boots: Dr. Martens

Her ensemble

Jacket: Asos // Shirt: H&M // Jeans: Asos // Shoes: H&M // Bag: Yves Saint Laurent


Urban Gardening – Citokid

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble