Vowels = Space And Time

Hot pink hugs the hot fuzz lingering in the spring air, ready to prowl on those who have felt like it was taking a lifetime for winter to be over. Braving the cold for far too long, wearing black to attract the heat… or simply because there is just something captivating about an all-back outfit. Cognitive science tells us that wearing black from head to toe affects your mood as well as people’s perception of you, but we would definitely add that it depends on style and design in which way this perception is affected. Boring? Only when little inspiration is used. But a sleek coat with an asymmetrical cut and layered finish combined with leather baggy pants makes all-black a style bayou rather than a snooze, as seen on him. Flanked by her, wearing a sporty casual look with an Adidas Originals t-shirt dress, leather jacket and Adidas superstar sneakers. Walking on, into the next season ahead that will allow us to shed some layers.

His ensemble

Coat: Zara // Leather Pants: Tigha – Bill // Boots: Dr. Martens

Her ensemble

Dress: Adidas Originals // Jacket: Zara // Bag: Calvin Klein // Shoes: Adidas Originals


Vowels = Space And Time – Grimes

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble