Warm Thoughts

In the midst of all the corona madness, after winter winds and snow besieged the city for two weeks, we suddenly felt some warm pre-spring sun rays on our faces. Staying home and holding onto warm thoughts is what got us through the season, besides one very brief walk a day to get some fresh air.
Showcasing our beloved ton-sur-ton style, we wear monochrome looks in caramel and chestnut browns. Head-to-toe cognac outfits frequented fashion weeks around the globe before the pandemic. Will trends fizzle out sooner under these circumstances? Her daring all-leather suit in cognac says “NO”. The classic silhouette, paired with high heels and red lips is rendered timeless. Mirrored by the fashion-forward combination of a thick winter sweater with snake print leather pants worn by him. The shirt underneath in a similar print and multi coloured brogues hold onto a matching, warm brown color palette. Just like we are holding onto warm thoughts.

His ensemble

Sweater: River Island // Shirt: Zara // Pants: Asos // Shoes: Undandy

Her ensemble

Suit: Zara // Sweater: H&M // Shoes: New Look // Bag: Cosmo // Lipstick: Ruby Woo by MAC


Warm Thoughts – Flume

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