Winter Song

In January, doesn’t the icy cold seem even more brisk once the December holidays are over and the NYE festivities have been left behind? It might all be in our heads, but not necessarily the reason why we gravitate towards dark colors while styling our outfits. The assumption that wearing an all-black outfit should be left to goths exclusively has been debunked long ago, and by 2019 we have even more reasoning in defense of wearing black-on-black-on-black. It just feels comfortable, as well as sleek and stylish. Especially when layers of jet black are combined with subtle silver accents such as studs, shiny leather and fur. Faux fur of course, because even a real biting cold can be braved with soft, thick faux fur. As you can see by the looks of the outerwear sported here by her, as well as him. And just to make sure that dark shades aren’t used sparingly, even the accessories are chosen to match this charcoal color scheme, such as the classy watch by Iguazu made of upcycled raven black leather. We have prepared our wardrobe to sing this winter song until the new dawn awakens.

His ensemble

Coat: Zara // Turtle-neck: Uniqlo // Jeans: River Island // Shoes: Church’s // Watch: Iguazu

Her ensemble

Fur Vest: Michael Kors // Turtle-neck: Uniqlo // Pants: Tigha // Body: Ash // Bag: Calvin Klein


Winter Song – Hal Incandenza feat. HNIN

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble