Zou Bisou Bisou

Even in times like these when it seems like the world is going crazy, Paris is still always a good idea. With ever changing Covid-19 regulations and the threat of lockdowns luring over us, we realise more than ever how lucky we are to be in a loving relationship with a partner. Someone with whom you form a team, finding your way through these bizarre times. A little romantic getaway to the city of love feels like a special gift right now. Each and every single sweet bisou under the Eiffel tower reminds us everything will be okay eventually. Surrounded by the iconic Parisian architecture in the inner arrondissements, the mostly ivory limestone buildings have us thinking pink in contrast. Matching various different tints of pink in a delicious sugary color palette. His retro style ensemble with a classic motorjacket and high-waisted slacks compliment her frilly tutu skirt and lacey top perfectly. Zou bisou bisou, mon dieu que c’est doux!

His ensemble

Jacket: Asos // T-shirt: Uniqlo // Trousers: Zara // Shoes: Church’s // Watch: KANE

Her ensemble

Top: NAKD // Skirt: Gesponnen Suiker // Sunglasses: Bershka // Shoes: New Look


Zou Bisou Bisou – Gillian Hills

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