Komaneka at Bisma

Wana Jiwa Spa


On the second day of our stay we booked a treatment at Komaneka at Bisma’s Wana Jiwa spa. The spa is named after its location and its wisdom as ‘Wana’ means forest, while ‘Jiwa’ means soul. The spa villa is located in the midst of the tropical forest up high on the banks of the Campuhan River. The treatment room had huge open windows through which we could feel a subtle soothing breeze now and then, so after the footbath It was a truly magical experience to enjoy the massage treatment while listening to the sounds of the jungle and the splashes and murmurs of the river, rather than the music that is typically played at a Spa. After the massage and facial treatment we enjoyed some fresh fruit while we were left alone to have a relaxing moment in the Jacuzzi on the open terrace, it was the perfect ending to a lovely rejuvenating spa experience.



Pool area & Lounge area


Even with the luxury of having your own private pool, an afternoon at the common pool is a separate unique experience. Looking out over the rice fields on one side, and the jungle forest on the other side, the large rectangular infinity pool offers magnificent views while allowing you to swim some sturdy laps back and forth. After all that physical effort, a delicious cocktail on one of the soft canopy loungers is more than well deserved. Besides the pool and fitness area, Komaneka at Bisma offers a wide range of on-schedule and off-schedule activities such as woodcarving classes, yoga, traditional dance, cooking lessons and the complimentary afternoon tea with traditional cakes and cookies in the lobby. We didn’t have time to do everything, but we especially very much enjoyed going to the opening night of an art exhibition at the hotel owners’ art gallery, featuring a local artist. You can find out more about that in a future post!





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    WeI just love your posts :). You are such a lovely couple.The atmosphere and beauty of that place is amazing. Diva looking, beautiful but and the pictures have an authentic feeling somehow for me!

    Come visit us soon!
    Love from Prague


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