Pullman Paris Roissy

As the Boeing 737’s and Airbus A320’s swiftly take off and land in the nearby distance at Charles de Gaulle Airport, this relaxing view is what the guests of Pullman Hotel Roissy-CDG are treated to during their stay at the four-star establishment. One almost feels like walking through a sci-fi village while walking past all the ultra-modern buildings in the area towards the hotel, while upon entry being surprised with a very warm and welcoming atmosphere due to the contemporary design which incorporates vertical gardens behind glass panels and bright yellow sofa’s in the lobby. What is clear straight away is that things are done differently here; instead of the traditional check in desk there are high tables that the employees are standing at right next to you, creating somewhat of a very easy going and informal feeling. After check-in we were taken on a tour around the hotel, discovering the stylish conference rooms with a nice view of the airport’s landing strips, the spacious gym, indoor swimming pool and sauna and the colorful restaurant.

The “Culinaire Bazaar” restaurant as it is called, is where breakfast is served in the morning as well as lunch and dinner. The different approach to things is noticeable again as besides normal tables, there are also bar seats aligned all around the open kitchen, facing inward, to give guests an open view of how all the delicious dishes are created. For travelers who are staying in the hotel by themselves this is a nice way to sit and dine without feeling alone as it makes them feel like they are entertained and part of the experience.

The bright, sunny colors and interesting artworks everywhere make the bar behind the lobby somewhat of a contemporary art gallery, where guests can enjoy cocktails until late in the evening.

Arriving in our suite, the spaciousness of the living room with soft sofa’s is the perfect hang out while planning our evening, deciding to go for a late-night swim and sauna followed by some cocktails at the bar lounge. The separate, half round bedroom features huge windows from the ceiling to the floor, offering a nice view of the surroundings from a sufficient height that doesn’t worry us that anyone can peek in. Especially at dusk the streetlights and the lights from the airport runways and planes were a pleasant sight in the dark while we left the curtains open during the night.

What we absolutely loved about our stay is the fact that it’s possible to order breakfast to be delivered to the room in the morning. We conveniently filled out the cards for our breakfast orders the night before, hanging them on the outside doorknob. In the morning, everything was brought to our room within the time slot we had estimated, giving us a great start to the day after a very good night’s sleep in the very comfortable king sized bed.

We left the hotel feeling completely energized and relaxed, thanks to the superb facilities of the hotel and the very pleasant room. If this sounds appealing, we highly recommend staying at Hotel Pullman Roissy-CDG Airport if you are looking for accommodation near Paris and would like to pamper yourself during a layover or while traveling through. You can be assured to be taken care of!

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