Bar Botanique

Affectionately dubbed ‘the living room of East-Amsterdam’ by the locals, Bar ‘De Ponteneur’ left the neighborhood with quite a void after 25 years of being in business and whatever establishment would re-open the location had very big shoes to fill. After months of construction, ‘Bar Botanique’ opened its doors last summer to re-welcome a familiar crowd, as well as attracting a new audience with a fresh new concept. Much to the delight of the neighborhood residents, the archetypal characteristics such as the multi-level dining areas and big window shutters which open to the big terrace have remained. New owner Willem has done a great job revamping the place, without losing the authentic spirit that people always loved.

Entering Bar Botanique feels like setting foot into the bar lounge of a tropical vacation destination. The mixture of a very modern, yet authentic style fused with vintage vibes creates a very warm and personal atmosphere. Deep emerald green and bright orange walls are adorned by an abundance of potted plants, palm trees and tropical flora, contrasted by the navy, turquoise and oak yellow velvet seats. The grotesque bar with pink flamingo perched on top stretches out to the split level dining mezzanines, with green art-deco style balustrades accentuating its grandeur.

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The Mediterranean kitchen offers a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but Bar Botanique is also the perfect place for a nice cup of coffee while you work on your laptop or for some craft beers or cocktails with some bar bites in the evening. The croque vegetarien and scrambled eggs with truffle and parmesan cheese that we had for lunch were delicious, and we will definitely be back for dinner soon to try the wood oven baked pizzas!

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