New Romance

Style is all about reinvention and exploring boundaries. The evolution of mainstream fashion has shown time and time again how a certain style or garment can be transformed and reintroduced as a new trend. But it’s up to the designers that can think out of the box to make it happen. Who knew streetwear would ever become so glamorous and sexy? With cuts that seem very simple, made from fabrics that can be quite ostentatious and fitted loosely for maximum comfort. Moreover, the function and versatility of most streetwear items make them very wearable for either gender. Check out these ensembles from the young and emerging brand JENNESKENS, which develops high-end unisex streetwear. Sharing this ultra cool transparent suit, he is wearing the jacket with a simple black t-shirt and vinyl pants, accessorized with an oversized fanny pack. The matching transparent pants are worn by her, over a JENNESKENS logo swimsuit. Matching accessories with the same transparent quality such as a fanny pack and high heeled boots complement the look even further. Reinvent fashion to find a new style, a new vibe and a new romance.

His ensemble

Jacket: Jenneskens // Crossbody Bag: Jenneskens // T-shirt: River Island // Pants: Phaze // Shoes: Zara

Her ensemble

Swimsuit: Jenneskens // Pants: Jenneskens // Crossbody Bag: Bershka // Boots: Public Desire


New Romance – Ezekel

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