The Phantom Of Us

Time and again the color grey is viewed as an emotionless, dull color that evokes a sense of conservativeness and indifference. Those who deem an all-black outfit too heavy and shy away from color will probably boast a range of garments in various greys in a subconscious endeavor to play it safe. But there is a far deeper ardency to the shade grey, exuding a frailty at times when combined with white and a very moody vibe when combined with black or a monochromatic mix of grey shades. Bringing it all the way to a clean cut avant garde style, draping and layering are what really transform an arrangement of garments into a three-dimensional form. Especially when the layers feature different textures, such as faux leather, jersey, knits, woven fabrics and sheer flowing materials.

With these masterfully draped jackets by designer Sepehr Maghsoudi as the centerpieces of these ensembles, a waterfall of volume covers the phantom of us with a moody grey parade of charcoal, ashen, slate, gunmetal and black. As seen on him, the walloping draping of the light grey jacket gives it movement and versatility, beautifully combined with a dark grey long singlet and black pants with drape detail. The colors growing dimmer towards the bottom like a gradient illusion. Repeating this color scheme, the sleeveless draped jacket for her is cinched by a wide waistband, over a sheer shirtdress with a subtle print and shiny faux leather leggings. Even those who wear grey all the time, often have the most colorful minds.

His ensemble

Jacket: Sepehr Maghsoudi – Pontis // Singlet: Zara // Drape Pants: Zara // Boots: Dr. Martens

Her ensemble

Jacket: Sepehr Maghsoudi – Waterfall // Shirtdress: Zara // Legging: Zara // Belt: Hallhuber // Boots: Dr. Martens


The Phantom Of Us – Yagya

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble