Ajbilou | Rosdorff
“Overview – previous – NEXT”

Unfortunately, being a fashion lover also potentially means you support an industry which is one of the the greatest threats to the environment. It is proven that shopping sprees offer great psychological benefits, supported by studies that confirm our natural yearning to renew and upgrade our possessions. The fast- fashion industry has facilitated this need by developing the cheapest and fastest ways to produce clothing and while consumerism gets the best of us, most are unaware of the effect this has on our environment. Luckily, an increasing amount of designers are addressing this issue and are finding creative ways to make a positive contribution to the fashion industry. Driven by the urge to inspire awareness, young designer duo Yasmina Ajbilou and Lynn-Kate Rosdorff joined forces for their second collection at MBFWA titled: “Overview – previous – NEXT” Show Me More…


This brilliant duo have only graduated from ArtEZ 2 years ago, however they have already suprised us with some very vibrant and playful collections together. Tung Trinh and Tim Becx already enjoyed working together during their academic years, so their professional collaboration as participating design team during the Global Denim Awards in October 2015 was only a natural progression, evolving into the creation and development of their label TRINHBECX. Combining their individual ideas, the duo share the same passion for experimental design, pushing the artistic boundaries and redefining traditional womens- and menswear using pure materials such as denim and leather. Show Me More…

Liselore Frowijn “#TheNewCluster”

Missing the previous two occasions that Liselore Frowijn presented her collections at Amsterdam Fashion Week, we were more than delighted to receive tickets to her latest catwalk show during which she would show her pre-fall 2017 #TheNewCluster-collection. Liselore is reknowned for her use of vibrant colors and ethnic prints, as well as creating an integrated theatrical décor for all of her catwalk shows. South-African band Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness provided the reverberating beats that opened the show, while the illuminated stark white runway now appeared to be adorned by colorful obstructions in abstract shapes. Show Me More…

Kelly Sue “REBEL”

In 2014, designer Kelly Sue was the winner of “fashion on wheels”, a fashion design competition meant to raise awareness for the fact that there is limited choice in comfortable and fashionable clothing for wheelchair users. This triumph inspired Kelly Sue to create her own label “SUE” for which she would continue to design seated fashion, emphasizing and contributing to diversity. After showcasing her first collection at MBFWA 2016, Sue is back with a fresh new collection consisting of very wearable and fashionable looks for wheelchair users. Show Me More…

Anbasja Blanken “ALA BLANKA”

Anbasja Blanken launched her collection of feminine and refined trousers named “ALA BLANKA” last year at MBFWA, and her tropical green décor paved the way for her elegant wide legged palazzo’s and frilly short tops, leaving us hungry for much more! For her second collection, the stage at the start of the catwalk has been transformed into what seems like a stark white construction of mezzanines and stairways. One after another, the models descend from these stairs with the soft layers and embellishments such as feathers softly flowing around them. Show Me More…

Tess van Zalinge “De Porceleyne Fles”

Last year Tess van Zalinge’s collection was presented to a small audience in het Transformatorhuis, surprising us with her very innovative designs that cleverly fused underwear with outerwear, outlining the short catwalk with suspended neon light tubes. This year her show welcomes us to the spacious Gashouder, and upon entering we see straight away that she has definitely utilized the space she’s been given. Show Me More…

Said Mahrouf “Lines and Panels”

Starting a fashion label under his own name, Said Mahrouf has previously shown his collections at Festimode-Casablanca Fashion Week in 2007, Paris Fashion Week in 2009 and at four different editions of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam, making his minimalistic and super elegant designs world renowned. Waiting in the Gashouder for him to kick off the evening program with his brand new collection titled ‘Lines and Panels’, the atmosphere seemed to be filled with reverberating anticipation, excited to see how Said Mahrouf has put a spin on his strong design aesthetic this time.
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Saskia ter Welle “Come Fly With Me”

To kick off Amsterdam Fashion Week, our very first show would be Saskia ter Welle, a new name added to the 2017 program through MBFWA’s Fashion LAB initiative.

Not knowing much more about Saskia ter Welle than the fact that she chose to re-focus on her ambitions after devoting years to the care of her family and that her handmade embroideries would be prevalent in her collection Show Me More…