marlies|dekkers 25-year Anniversary Show

Time really flies, especially when you’re having fun and living the dream. Yes, Marlies Dekkers has been making women feel confident and sexy since 1993. This was the year she launched her first lingerie line, which was highly anticipated after surprising the world with her art academy graduation piece: the infamous “bare but dress”. Her collections are characterized by the cleverly placed multiple straps and lines, giving them somewhat of a bondage vibe. Other trademarks are daring cut outs and hardware accents, all exuding an elegance that is classically romantic and a little salacious at the same time. This aesthetic really set her brand apart from others and was received warmly by women (and of course men 😉 ) from all over the world. Moreover, she pioneered the trend for underwear as outerwear, which sounds almost logical when you make underwear that pretty! Beautiful lingerie can make a woman feel beautiful too, even if she’s the only one who knows she’s wearing it underneath her clothes. But the gorgeous designs by Marlies Dekkers do so much more than just that…


Marlies Dekkers as she can often be found working on a new show, comfortably curled up on the floor while she brainstorms for new ideas and chooses music.


What we love about Marlies Dekkers and her brand, is the very strong brand philosophy. Each collection carries an important message, meant to challenge the status quo and empower women. Take her campaign film “The Awakening”, in which her ‘feminine – feminist’ vision is brought to life. Disarming stereotypes and urging us all to think forward, Marlies asserts the message that equality doesn’t depend on external factors; something passively received or violently acquired. Women can empower themselves. Not against, but in partnership with men. Women never have to choose between the two, they can be “feminine” and “feminist” at the same time.

Last summer, we were lucky enough to be invited to her special International Women’s Day celebration event in her Amsterdam store, during which she hosted a live talk show with a panel of inspiring business ladies before an audience of more than 50 women. The illuminating panel discussion was truly inspiring and provoked some good conversations over drinks afterwards. The appreciation of strong women with a vision was also the theme of her summer fashion show and magazine launch, celebrating the colourful life of Mexican artist Frida Khalo. The models danced to a live mariachi band, causing quite a surprise by painting on each other as well as on the audience! At moments the show also touched onto the pain and struggles of Frida’s life, making it a very emotional and compelling presentation too.

So what could we expect for Marlies Dekkers’ 25-year anniversary celebration show? We were absolutely certain we would be amazed, and she surely didn’t disappoint! The venue was perfect; Villa Thalia in
Rotterdam. Instead of the standard catwalk with rows of chairs around it, the room featured a theatrical stage behind the catwalk with multileveled booths surrounding it, so everybody could see
the show perfectly. Creating a very festive vibe, the audience was urged to stand up and dance along. The models were absolutely stunning, representing women of all shapes and sizes which was very refreshing. Starting with a presentation of her current swimwear and lingerie line, the stage was taken by sizzling dancers and acrobats who were climbing up high into drapes and flying suspended over the audience at times. Musical entertainment was also provided, with live performances by Kimberly Fransens amongst others.

The presentation of her brand-new collection was met with great enthusiasm! The mostly black, regal looking creations were accessorized by black chiffon long capes, with all of the models wearing crowns on their heads. As the audience was treated to fantastic pyrotechnics and tinsel bursting from the ceiling, Marlies Dekkers herself appeared in a similar show-stopping outfit for the grand finale. What an evening it was!


Our outfits for this amazing event, with Joanna’s ensemble featuring beautiful lingerie by Marlies Dekkers.
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Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble