Beggin For Thread

Prominent in many alternative subcultures and clothing styles, studs and spikes have been bringing a rebellious edge to fashion as far back as the Middle Age. All though, have gone through quite the transformation since the Samurai, Celts and Romans attached them to their armors. Used to make a bold statement by punks in the 70’s and metal heads in the 80’s, the leather clad studs and spikes look has lost some of its edge since the new millennium. Incorporated into the sleek designs of posh brands and fairly minimalistic streetwear, the presence of hardware unfortunately and fortunately creates a look and feel beyond the DIY, anti-society anarchist it used to represent. His black and white leather jacket with perfectly aligned studs sings a gentle rock ballad while paired with some bright red leather pants. Flanked by the short leather jacket worn by her which shows a more abstract positioning of studs allover, worn with a back dress and leather cap, accessorized with a big buckled belt with chunky chains. We are still not too cool for this guateque though…

His ensemble

Jacket: Zara // Turtleneck: Uniqlo // Pants: Zara // Shoes: Converse

Her ensemble

Jacket: Zara // Dress: Uniqlo // Belt: Asos // Cap: Bershka // Boots: H&M


Beggin For Thread – Banks

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble