I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo

When neons are framed by black and caught amidst electric blue surroundings, something awe-inspiring happens. Especially when the last late afternoon sun rays cast a sultry hue across the iridescent walls. Ever since raves kicked off in late 80’s England, the rave fashion trend has gone through a multitude of evolutions.

As with many by-gone ostentatious and unconventional styles, hot modern trends love to subtly hint at them. Tie-dye prints of course have been around since way back when, always managing to trickle down into various sub culture fashions. From Caribbean boho to happy hippy to this 90’s vibrant neon splash incarnation, this dress is worn with a silver holographic mini backpack as a playful wink to that Love Parade era, as seen on her. Flanked by him, pre-millennial decades are much more daintly referenced by his ensemble, exemplifying the current trend for 80’s, 90’s and retro (product) logos making a big comeback. As for classic Chuck Taylors by Converse to top it off, just about any fashion aeon is represented.

His ensemble

T-shirt: American Apparel // Jeans: River Island // Sunglasses: Oh Shay Shop – Tori // Shoes: Converse

Her ensemble

Dress: Zara // Bag: American Apparel // Shoes: Converse // Sunglasses: Polette


I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo – Capital Cities

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