Ever since the 1920’s flapper era, feathers have been often added to evening and performance wear to create more movement. Not to forget, also a unique sense of glamour and pizzazz. Long before this, however, feathers have always had an important spiritual meaning to many ancient civilizations , worn as traditional or religious symbols. There’s just something glorious about aviary animals, as their feathers help them soar through the sky. To this day the alluring appeal is still recognized, adding feathers to any costume that needs that extra oomph. Like when you want to channel your inner pop star legend, jungle emperor, or earth goddess at a special event or festival. Our metallic gold ensembles exude nothing less than a shimmering dedication to opulence. His jacket was a lucky find at the traveling vintage boutique Cirque du Vente, paired with a gold-threaded transparent t-shirt and asymmetrical harem pants. Flanked by her shiny lamé dress and eye-catching headpiece. This gorgeous piece was designed and handmade by Leona Design, who is a master in creating elegant and ornate accessories with a bohemian vibe. If feathers don’t ruffle, nothing flies…

His ensemble

Jacket: Cirque du Vent // T-shirt: Asos // Boots Aldo

Her ensemble

Dress: American Apparel // Headpiece: Leona Design


Pachamama – Yokoo, Retza

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble