We have been following design duo Tung Trinh and Tim Becx for quite some time now and have been privileged to witness the way their brand TRINHBECX has grown through the two previous shows we attended. This time the duo presented their newest collection in the spacious Gashouder, quite the upgrade after the previous editions in the Transformator and we were so excited to see what they would do with all the extra space.

Upon entering the Gashouder we were met with a stark white catwalk with larger than life cubes covered in shiny clear plastic, illuminated magnificently by the stage lights.
Greeted by a strong strut down the catwalk, we met eyes with the first creations of the collection, at first predominantly white casual wear with a strong reference to sportswear. The casual, oversized silhouettes were made up of multiple sharply cut single pieces, often consisting of pantsuits or skirts with blazers, mixing sheer materials with heavy leather and shiny patent materials. Many of the all white outfits were matched with fiery red patent accessories, as the first complete monochrome outfits started to appear. We were absolutely in love with the patent leather jacket with pants all in black and all in a deep purple, the shiny lacquered effect was pure badass sophistication due to the simple and clean shapes combined with daring materials and colors. We applaud this perfectly balanced out collection of tailored yet very clean outfits, using color the way they are known not to shy away from. Another detail in which we start to see a pattern with these guys, they can make a damn cool oversized handbag! This time they are even bigger than before and made from the same heavy patent leather as some of the clothes.

To conclude, TRINHBECX have proven themselves again, elevating their aesthetic as we knew it with this very wearable and colorful collection that wouldn’t look out of place worn to an art expo or on the red carpet of the VMA’s. Chapeau to both!

Intense ensembles worn by an intense ensemble