Cafe De Flore

With the awareness of the psychological effect of interior design on our subconscious and the definitive influence colors have on our mood and emotions, it is absolutely inarguable that nature is one of the greatest sources of inspiration for fashion and interior design. The taste of a good cup of coffee excels finding oneself within these horticultural surroundings with rich, intense colors splashed on the walls. We present you with our fashion forward take on smart casual style, fit for any occasion that falls somewhere between formal and informal by modernizing classic silhouettes and timeless elegance. With blends of indigo, royal blue and azure, blue is the protagonist of this color story featuring a plaid printed suit for him, flanked by a sleeveless faux fur coat with matching blouse and beige chino pants for her.

Her ensemble

Sleeveless Coat: Monique Collignon – 32 bottles // Indigo Blouse: Monique Collignon – 10 bottles // Chino Pants: Monique Collignon – 11 bottles // Shoes: New Look

His ensemble

Suit: River Island // Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger // Tie: Hugo Boss // Watch: Uniform Wares // Brogues: Van Lier // Socks: Happy Socks


Cafe De Flore – Doctor Rockit

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